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Top 5 Best Water Tracker Apps

Are you looking to stay fit and be healthy, well, drinking water is a great way to start. Water helps carry vital nutrients to cells, regulates body temperature, and removes wastes. Drinking enough and the right quality of water is vital to our health, so below we have outlined five water tracker apps that will help make it easier to remember to drink your water.

Google Play Water Drink Reminder

Price: Free

This water tracker app reminds you to drink water every day to keep you hydrated. Just enter your current weight, and the Water Drink Reminder will help you determine how much water your body needs every day. The only task is to remember to update the app each time you drink a cup of water! Then the water tracker app will remind you when it’s time for another drink. Hydration helper not only tracks what you drink but also reminds you when it’s time for another drink.


Price: $4.99 on iPhone; free with in-app purchases on Android

This easy, intuitive water tracker app calculates appropriate hydration amounts based on your body weight or personal goal. Then, it sends reminders all day long, making it easy to hit your target intake. Create custom cups for fast, simple logging, and browse your hydration history to see your progress.

Daily Water Tracker Reminder

Price: Free

Set your daily water intake goal and then log every ounce (or milliliter) with just a tap. View a detailed stats update after every glass to see how close you’re getting to your daily goal, or review 7- and 30-day charts for an idea of your overall progress.


Price: $2.99 with in-app purchases

iHydrate is designed to track and improve your daily water intake. Enter all types of different beverages — like milk, juice, coffee, tea, and even beer — for an actual water percentage, and get reminders to help you meet your goals. This water tracker app features breakdowns of total beverages consumed, total water intake, and visual representations of your daily progress.

Aqualert: Water Tracker Daily

Price: Free

Aqualert notifies you throughout the day to keep you properly hydrated. Plus, it uses your activity level to calculate your daily water requirements so you’re getting what you need. A handy bedtime mode keeps the app from reminding you during the night and a graphic display of your hydration level and daily consumption keeps you on track.

How much water should I drink a day?

As a rule of thumb, you should be drinking at least half your body weight in ounces to stay hydrated. If you’re active, you should be drinking even more water than that. Do you currently use a water tracking app to track how much water you drink? If not, then you should try one of these five! Since we are at work for most of our day, getting clean pure water for your business from Optimum Water Solutions is the best solution. We have several different systems and machines to help fit a variety of needs — set up a FREE trial: call us at 844-776-0588. Clearly. Pure. Water.