New Technologies to Help Solve the Water Crisis

The world is facing a very serious problem: water shortages in many parts of the globe. According to the World Health Organization, over 2.5 billion people lack access to safe, clean drinking water in their communities that can be collected in a round trip of 30 minutes or less. Even worse, water shortages in underdeveloped regions of the world are only expected to rise with time. For this reason, innovative thinking is required to develop serious solutions that will benefit those in need of clean drinking water. New technologies invented to help solve the water crisis are essential. The water crisis is preventable through developing greater access to clean drinking water, which is just what these new technologies aim to do!


Lifestraw aims to make access to clean drinking water quick and convenient. This small and inexpensive microfiltration device removes a whopping 99.9% of waterborne bacteria. Further, weighing just 2 ounces, this device is highly portable. The LifeStraw can filter 264 gallons to 0.2 microns and, with every straw purchased, the company that invented this important technology also provides safe drinking water to one child for an entire school year. The technology provided through LifeStraw has the potential to offer countless water-stressed communities a more convenient way to consume clean, fresh drinking water.

SE200 Community Chlorine Maker

One of the biggest factors that make the current water crisis such a big issue is the fact that contaminated drinking water is a huge problem throughout the world. This particular technology, the SE200, was designed to allow people to easily purify their water using just a 12-volt battery and salt. Using a process known as electrolysis, the mixture of water, salt, and electricity work to produce chlorine that effectively kills bacteria in the water. The company that invented the SE200 even famously says that the operation of the technology is so simple even a school-age child can do it!


The Desolenator is a technology that is working to help solve the water crisis through a process known as solar desalination. Solar desalination offers a promising way to generate freshwater from the vast amount of seawater that is available on our planet. The Desolenator is a solar desalination tool that is said to remove a total of 99.9% of contaminants from water, producing roughly 15 liters of freshwater per day, at a cost of about $774 for the device. Further, the company that designed the Desolenator states that it has an estimated lifespan of 20 years, making it a technology that water-stressed communities can rely on for years to come.

Warka Water

Warka Water is a technology that is biodegradable and can be set up in water-stressed communities in less than a week without the use of mechanical tools. Warka Water is a 30-foot tower that collects up to 26 gallons of drinking water per day by collecting droplets of dew. Using an equipped nylon or polypropylene net which catches these dew droplets as they roll down into a collection container, water is then dispensed at the bottom of the tower. Warka Water costs roughly $1,000 per tower and can make a huge difference in the fight to solve the water crisis.

OrbSys Shower

Developed by Swedish company Orbital Systems, the OrbSys Shower is a technology that actually collects shower water, purifies it, and then pumps it back up through the showerhead itself. This particular technology is especially important for areas where freshwater is scarce, as it is reported to save an estimated 90% of water usage when showering. A regular shower uses around 150 liters in just 10 minutes of showering, and the OrbSys Shower uses a fraction of that: just 5 liters. Orbital Systems reports that this could save a single family up to $1,000 per year on their water bill.

Convenient Access to Safe Drinking Water with Optimum

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