Water Coolers

Introducing Optimum Water Systems, the perfect touchless, bottleless ice and water solution to help your team perform Optimally! We utilize a state-of-the-art 4 step purification process; the most dynamic part being reverse osmosis, which is known worldwide to be the best way to purify drinking water. he water is then stored in our stainless steel holding tank that either uses the advanced processes, activated oxygen or LED UV, to ensure the water stays free of any bacteria or viruses. All of this happens right inside our bottleless cooler that is about the same size footprint as a traditional bottled water cooler. If you’re looking for a boost ask about our electrolyte boost option! 

Optimum 2i
Cost-Effective Cold & Hot Water Cooler
Optimum 3i
The Original Cold & Hot Water Cooler
Optimum 3i Plus
Electrolyte-Enhanced Cold and Hot Water Cooler
Optimum PW90

Industry Leading Touchless Water Purifier

Optimum PW90 CT
Industry Leading Touchless Water Purifier Countertop

Water and Ice Coolers

Introducing Optimum Water and Ice Coolers – the ultimate hydration solution for your office! Our cutting-edge touchless water coolers make accessing fresh, delicious water and ice easier than ever. With multistage filtration and reverse osmosis, you can enjoy the cleanest, purest tasting water AND ice your taste buds have ever experienced.
Optimum WS12000

All-in-One Water & Ice Cooler

Optimum WS15000

All-in-One Water & Ice Cooler Countertop or Freestanding

Commercial Ice Machines

Enjoy the convenience of having enough ice for your business without needing to constantly restock. Our ice machines are top-tier and built from long-lasting materials so you can count on them to continue producing fresh, delicious ice all year round. With the icy bliss these machines bring, imagine all the opportunities for growth your business will have!
Scotsman Prodigy Plus

The World’s Smartest Cuber

Scotsman 312

Space-Maximizing Ice & Water Cooler

Scotsman 525

High-Capacity Ice & Water Dispenser

Product Comparison

Model PW-2i PW-3i PW-90 PW-90CT WS-12000 WS-15000
Cold Water
Hot Water
Room Temp Water
Mineral Boost
Activated Oxygen
Activated Oxygen
Activated Oxygen
Activated Oxygen
Draining Tray
Max Employees 20 50 50 20 50 75