250 System

Unlimited Ultra-Pure Water On-Demand

The Optimum 250 takes water deionization to the next level by providing unlimited ultra-pure water on-demand.

Four-Stage Purification

The four-stage purification process in the Optimum 250 eliminates dissolved solids, minerals, salts, and other impurities.

Medically Safe and Sanitary

The Optimum 250 offers safe and sanitary gooseneck spigot dispensing for easy access and container filling.

Guaranteed High-Purity

Guaranteed high-purity process water no matter your company size, location, or industry.

Continuous Processing

A nearly endless supply of the highest-purity water available.  Suitable for medical & industrial applications

Industrial / Medical Grade

The Optimum 250 supports the highest level of purity requirements for industrial and medical uses.

The Optimum 250 is a Water Deionization System supporting the highest levels of purity in your industrial or medical  workspace.
  • 4-Stage filtration process
  • Sediment filtration to 5 microns
  • Pre-carbon filter to remove chemicals
  • Reverse-Osmosis removes elements up to 1/500,000th of an inch
  • Deionization process (with ionexchange technology) to remove minerals, salts, and other impurities
  • Compact under-sink installation
  • Gooseneck spigot for easy access and container filling
  • Components within the Deionization System are NSF-certified to ANSI Standard 58 and 61
  • Option to add filtered water cooler (countertop or free-standing) 
  • Filter: 17.25”w x 5.375”d x 16.5”h;
  • Bladder Tank: 10.9” diameter x 13.75”h
  • Installation requires a drain
The Optimum 250 Water Deionization System

Technology Features

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis

Our water is purified utilizing advanced reverse osmosis.

Closed Loop

Closed Loop System

All our coolers are closed-loop systems, enhancing safety and water purity.


The Optimum 250 utilizes a 4-stage purification process to remove sediment, chlorine, and bacteria for the freshest taste and purest water possible. Deionization further removes all dissolved salts and minerals to deliver industrial and medical levels of purity.
Reduces Sediment like dirt, rust and silt

Sediment Filter

Reduces organics like chemicals, solvents and chlorine

Carbon Filter

Reduces Inorganics like lead, mercury and arsenic

Reverse Osmosis

Removes dissolved particles such as salt, minerals, carbon dioxide, and organic contaminants.

Deionization Filter



Optimum Testimonials

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Denise Graham
On Ideas
The convenience factor alone makes the ig900 well worth the switch from bottled water. Add to that its all-in-one build and fresh taste and there’s really nothing like it. A definite win for everyone in the office.
Joseph Roos
Edgewell Personal Care
I want to thank all of you for the service. Edgar’s team was extremely professional and proficient. It is rare that I have the luxury of a contractor performing a service without me having to constantly correct them on safety and professionalism.
Gloria Smith
HR Employee Relations Director
Last year we had four workers’ comp claims due to lifting and replacing those heavy water jugs. And two employees slipped on spilled water from the jug change. Happy to report we have zero claims due to water this year. And everyone really loves the super chilled, fresh tasting water, too!
Donna Tibbits
Facilities Manager
We used the same water system for years, but decided to go for the free week trial. On the first day I had almost 100 emails from employees telling me how fresh and delicious the new water tasted.
Claudia Lewis-Robinson
Very friendly staff. When our system needs servicing they are there to do the job. Water is wonderful and the techs are great. Bottled water is a thing of the past! You need to try the new filtration system from them.
Aurelia Gervasi
Optimum Water Solutions is the best! From electrolyte enhanced water to ice machines, they've got everything you might want/need for your business. Plus, the units are very professional looking and the people who come to install them make sure to give you instructions on how best to operate them. All in all a great product!
Laura Bronkesh
Amazing product, service top notch. Love so much more than other delivery water services we used in the past. We don't need to haul water from my front step onto the holder. Highly recommend!
Brooke Stamas
Optimum Water Solutions is the perfect choice for our office. No more bottled water! The taste is great and the service is fantastic. Lezah Preston made the choice easy. She was informative and brief- which is important when you're busy. So far we love our unit!
Diane Brock
We like the water, ice and hot water convenience for the employees, and the satisfaction of knowing we are providing a superior alternative to tap water. Great service too!
Mark Larie
Maintenance Manager
I'm a maintenance manager for a large 3PI and I couldn't work with a better company. I use them at all my warehouse sites. They are always professional, courteous and on time. they do a very neat and professional job on the install, service and follow-ups, and are the best bunch of people to work with.
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