A bottleless water cooler is exactly like it sounds, a water cooler without any of the heavy water bottles on top. It’s an environmentally friendly solution to your employee hydration needs. Our systems connect directly to a water source and filter the water with an enclosed multi-stage filtration process that provides unlimited drinking water. We keep it simple! (Our certified technicians make a simple connection to the nearest sink, water fountain, or waterline and attach it to our cooler) it’s a similar installation to connecting the ice maker in your fridge, but the similarities end there. Take a look at all of our systems here!

We utilize a patented 5-stage purification process; First, the water is sent through the sediment filter, where rust/clay/dust is removed. Then the carbon filter, where chlorine, organic compounds, etc are removed. Then the reverse osmosis filter, which is what boats use to purify salt water (Removes metals, mercury, lead). Next, the polishing filter, which makes every sip taste amazing. Finally, we add electrolytes back into the water to give everyone an extra gear!

We have a solution for every drinking water need! The capacity and features vary per cooler. We have ice, cold and hot water, electrolyte boost, and even sparkling water options. Contact us to be connected to a Sales Rep who can find the perfect system for your workplace’s needs.

It’s free water for a week! Our team will install the cooler and your only job is to gather feedback. This gives us a chance to make sure the cooler we suggest is a great fit for your team. Fall in love with our cooler, and your dedicated sales representative will come back and complete the necessary paperwork to keep the cooler in place.

Between our patented 5-stage purification process and 21st-century sanitation and safety technology, we are the no brainer solution. Your typical 5-gallon jugs lack the cleanliness as they are not routinely maintained or cleaned. Your typical competitor lacks the safety technology. Ask about our preventative maintenance program to learn why our service is better than the competition.

The old 5-gallon jugs have not seen updated technology since the microwave was invented. They gather bacteria like a petri dish. The plastic generated is awful for the environment and use unwanted space at your workplace. And no one ever drinks the last sip because they have to replace them!

The big guys will not service your coolers because they do not care. Most providers use basic filtration and lack the safety and sanitation technology. We’re the perfect medium. We are big enough to handle the biggest jobs but small enough to care about all of our customers.

Chances are you do not have a real contract and once your equipment is picked up, you are off the hook. Even if you do, thats why you have us. We are experienced at handling disputes. We will handle every part of the process with an old vendor. Call us today and we’ll get working for you!

Our installation is minimally invasive, such as installing a dishwasher. We make a small incision to run the water line and as all of our installers are certified and are employed fully and even go to a week long training prior to being at your workspace. You will never know we were even there. Watch this video and then call a Sales Rep for a detailed walkthrough on how the installation works.

It can vary! A typical installation usually takes around 60-90 minutes. Depending on availability and location of a water source and drain, it may take longer. We’re more than happy to conduct a walkthrough and go through every step with you, either on site or virtually.

We can use any water source on site as long as it’s potable. We have run tubing thousands of feet.

99% of our customers rent. Our installation is minimally invasive so landlords love us.

Our systems are so advanced we know exactly when they need filters replaced. We will schedule and change your filter prior to you calling us! This allows uninterrupted, continuous service throughout the tenure of our relationship. It also gives you one less thing to worry about! This feature is the prime jewel of Optimum.

The same way a vehicle varies on service needed, so does a water cooler. High consumption customers will need service more so than a lower consumption cooler. We take great pride in our preventative maintenance program. Typically, the coolers only require preventative maintenance on an annual basis. Most times, we’re out prior to any service being needed, but if a service light ever comes on, just call the number on the side of your machine and we’ll be there.

Our plans include a Complete Maintenance Plan: which covers all Filter Replacements, Maintenance, Repairs, and Manufacturer Warranties

Our customers are all we have so we prioritize you! You will receive a customer satisfaction guarantee when you sign up. You will get right to a human when you call us. We always reschedule installations if a customer service issue arises. We give loaner coolers if we cannot get yours working.