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How Various Industries Benefit from Using A Water Dispenser

Water dispensers have shown themselves to be a critical asset to various industries, delivering numerous benefits to customers and employees alike. In the interest of enhancing water quality, this article delves into the important role of water dispensers to do just that as well as to promote sustainability and improved customer satisfaction or performance.

Water Dispensers are Essential Tools For Optimizing Customer Satisfaction and Employee Performance

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), water dispensers are capable of eliminating harmful contaminants from our drinking water, thereby improving water taste and quality. As such, the installation of high-end water dispensers equipped with advanced filtration systems, reveals to customers and employees that you invest in healthy outcomes and sustainable practices. Demonstrating this kind of forward-thinking is vital to building trust, display of value, and ultimately, good business. In fact, according to a study performed by the National Institute of Health (NIH), the prioritization and perception of healthy choices is paramount to business, especially following the pandemic.

What kind of business or workplace should consider installing a water dispenser?

All businesses and workplaces that value the well-being of their customers and employees should seriously consider installing water dispensers. Offices, fitness centers, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, manufacturing warehouses, and large public venues (like concert halls and community centers) as well as hotel chains are examples of industries where water dispensers offer clear and long-lasting benefits to the public.

The public has already voiced great interest in the implementation of water dispensers; a 2023 survey performed by Brita Vivreau revealed that five-star (high-end) hotel customers would be likely to use cold (79%) or hot water dispensers (65%) to make drinks to take out with them for the day, in an effort to “avoid using a single-use plastic cup or single-use plastic bottles (30%).” In that survey, 82% of customers said that it was important…[for] hospitality businesses [to] reduce single-use plastic, and 62% are more likely to choose a hospitality business that’s transparent about the measures they have taken to reduce single-use plastic.

Where are Water Dispensers Most Popular & Why?

Water dispensers have gained significant popularity in hospitals, schools, office buildings, and hotel lobbies due to their ability to provide a convenient and healthy (hydrating) amenity to guests. They often feature “touchless” options, eliminating the risk of bacterial contamination, as well as “hot” or “cold” features to enable guests a range of refreshing options. As a result, advanced water dispensers have saved these businesses money, storage space, and delivery time by eliminating the need to provide plastic water bottles. This is a win for consumers as much as it is a win for the environment!

How Do Water Dispensers Support Sustainable Tourism?

The East Coast of the United States has made commendable strides in sustainable tourism, aligning with global efforts to reduce environmental impact. The Sustainable Tourism Index (STI) rates the East Coast’s commitment to sustainable practices, reducing the use of single-use plastic bottles and promoting responsible tourism.

“We’ve seen travelers make a lot of strides in being more sustainably conscious – from packing reusable water bottles to using reef-safe sunscreen to even researching whether wildlife tours and activities are harmful. But we need more innovation and action from airlines, cruise lines, hotel brands, and tour operators themselves” reports Kelley Louise, Founder, Impact Travel Alliance.

Which water dispensers are best for business and why?

When selecting water dispensers for businesses, several factors come into play. Plumbed-in dispensers are ideal for high-traffic environments, as they offer a continuous supply of water without the need for bottle replacements. Countertop models work well for smaller spaces, while freestanding units are perfect for lobbies and waiting areas. Nevertheless, water dispensers with multi-stage filtration systems such as those provided by Optimum Water Solutions ensure that the water served is set to the ideal temperature, is free of contaminants, and tastes delicious. Clearly. Pure. Water.