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National Water Quality Month is Dedicated to Exploring the Best Water Filtration Systems

Access to pure, clean water is a critical concern for human health and the environment. Being that August is National Water Quality Month, this article is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of pure, clean water and the effective implementation of water filtration systems.

America’s Water Quality Concerns Are Growing

Improving water quality in the United States is a huge undertaking; in May of this year, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law was proposed to deliver more than $50 billion dollars to the EPA to improve our nation’s drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure. This is the single largest investment in water that the federal government has ever made, which is a heavy investment for a heavy burden. In the US alone, an average of 850 billion gallons of untreated wastewater is released annually, and not for this reason alone, tap water is often not considered safe for human consumption.

In particular, children are at risk of being contaminated. According to several studies, drinking water sources may “contain a variety of contaminants that, at elevated levels, have been associated with increased risk of a range of diseases in children, including acute diseases such as gastrointestinal illness, developmental effects such as learning disorders, endocrine disruption, and cancer.” [And] because children tend to take in more water relative to their body weight than adults do, children are likely to have higher exposure to drinking water contaminants.”

How is Water Quality Improved by Water Filtration Systems?

Expensive government-funded infrastructure change is not the only way to ensure access to pure, clean water. Water filtration systems are available to businesses, schools, medical facilities, and beyond; such systems employ innovative technologies that filter, detoxify, and purify tap water, making it safe to drink. Using a process known as reverse osmosis, contaminated tap water is purified and passed through a triple-nano filtration process and stored in sanitary stainless steel holding tanks treated with UV light or ozone to prevent microbial growth.

Water Filtration Systems Help To Resolve Water Quality Concerns in the United States

The best water filtration systems remove foul tastes, odors, colorants, and sediments as well as the hard-to-detect, more dangerous contaminants including but not limited to lead, chlorine, and disinfectant byproducts, along with bacterial microbes and PFAS, or “forever chemicals.” PFAS are a group of man-made chemicals used in a wide variety of common and industrial applications, and which are thought to cause adverse health risks to living creatures.

Lead, along with other common contaminants, is known to cause a range of developmental and gastrointestinal problems, which cannot be filtered or boiled from tap water sources without the use of advanced water filtration systems. In fact, much better than carbon-based filters and aged water filtration systems, current water filtration systems on the market reduce harmful contaminants by nearly 99%. The result? Improved confidence in the quality and safety of our drinking water.

So What Is The Best Water Filtration System On the Market?

While reverse osmosis purification is known worldwide to provide the best quality drinking water, the success of various water filtration systems on the market will depend upon other important factors. Some water filtration systems, like those provided by Optimum Water Solutions, have additional polishing filters that reintroduce electrolytes, alkalinity, and important minerals to your drinking water in order to promote hydration. In addition, the availability of hot or cold water, touchless options, and ice cube production are features that various models offer to consumers. In addition to providing customers with pure, clean water, only Optimum Water Solutions guarantees ease of installation, a preventative maintenance program, family-like service, and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Observing National Water Quality Month, for all months of the year, their water filtration systems guarantee: Clearly. Pure. Water.