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Health Benefits of Purified Water

With so many health and wellness techniques and practices being advertised in today’s world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Taking steps to get healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be a challenge; simplicity is key. Unfortunately, with so much emphasis placed on health regimens that promise big health benefits fast, there is one important fact that we tend to forget: drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your health. That’s why we here at Optimum focus our efforts on one of the most valuable ingredients in any effective health regimen: purified water.

Purified water has a slew of health benefits, and these benefits can have significant positive impacts on the body (and even the mind). At Optimum, we know that purified water is a great solution to many of the most common ailments, and we want to pass this insight along to you. Today, we will be discussing the top health benefits of purified water so that you can be on your way to achieving a better, healthier lifestyle.

Why is Purified Water Important?

While many of us are aware that drinking water is important to good health, we tend to forget that the type of water we consume is as equally important. Drinking plenty of water has its share of benefits, but only purified water can give you the biggest health benefits. This is because water that isn’t free of microbiological pathogens and chemicals could actually mean a larger risk to your overall health. This is what makes water purifying systems so valuable.

With only about 2.5% of the available water on Earth being fit for consumption, it is vital that you secure a way to have purified water available to you. Why? Of that estimated 2.5% of consumable drinking water, there are many increasingly common incidences of freshwater contamination. It has never been more important to have access to purified drinking water than it is today. With that, let’s explore the top health benefits of purified drinking water.

Better Joint and Muscle Health

Drinking plenty of purified water is vital to maintaining a proper physical fitness routine. If you are interested in living a healthier lifestyle, it is very likely that physical fitness is important to you. Considering the fact that building muscle and exerting the joints are central components of an active lifestyle, you need to ensure that you are of good joint and muscle health. Of the many health benefits provided by purified water, better joint and muscle health is one of the most notable.

As you may know, the majority of the human body is made up of water. In fact, 75% of the body’s muscles are constituted of water. This means that supplying an adequate amount of purified water to our bodies is essential to the best muscle health possible. As an added benefit of drinking purified water, keeping hydrated significantly reduces a person’s chances of muscle cramps and injury. Finally, purified water plays a central role in keeping the joints properly lubricated. Perform at your best with purified water!

Improved Skin Health

If a youthful glow is important to you, drinking enough purified water should be a top priority. When the skin is kept hydrated, you can expect improved skin health. This not only reduces the presence of dry skin but also improves the quality of your skin drastically. When there is a proper amount of water content in the epidermis, your skin will emit an observable glow and shine.

While many people looking for a healthier complexion resort to purchasing expensive and unreliable anti-aging treatments, you can go the more natural, effective route by drinking purified water. Experts recommend drinking at least 8 cups of purified water daily to rid the skin of harmful toxins and promote better skin health.

Weight Loss Benefits

Are you find yourself struggling with weight loss, purified water can have serious health benefits. It has been proven that drinking purified water can boost your body’s metabolism significantly and even suppress your appetite at a healthy level. Considering that purified drinking water is absolutely free of calories, there are no set restrictions on how much you can drink each day, which can be very helpful on your weight loss journey.

So how much-purified water should you drink on a daily basis to see the best weight loss results? Firstly, experts recommend that those looking to lose weight consume purified water before each meal. This will suppress your appetite and prevent you from consuming unnecessary calories while also ensuring that your body is receiving enough calories during your meal. It is also highly recommended to replace sugary drinks, such as soda, with water when trying to lose weight. Sugary drinks are a huge source of calories, and many of us tend to forget just how many calories we are consuming when we are drinking soda.

Your Source for the Best Purified Water Systems

Now you know that purified water can improve your health, it’s time to find a water system that means you have access to purified water at any time! Luckily for you, Optimum has a variety of different purified water systems to choose from. With a 7-day free trial on our systems and no service charge for our qualified technicians to service your system, there is no better time than now to choose Optimum for your office. Clearly. Pure. Water.