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The True Cost of Bottled Water

There are many verified benefits associated with drinking purified water, but these benefits extend far beyond the well-known health benefits. While it is important to drink as much water as possible on a daily basis, the form in which you’re consuming your water is something to be considered. If you primarily have been getting your water from a single-use plastic bottle, there are financial and environmental costs you’re paying that you may not be aware of.

At Optimum, we know the true cost of bottled water, which is why we’ve put our all into creating bottleless water systems. Today, we’ll be discussing just how much you’re paying by continuing to use single-use plastic bottles, and the results may surprise you.

The Financial Cost of Bottled Water

In exploring the true cost of bottled water, we have to look at financial costs. On average, a 20-ounce bottle of water costs approximately $1.50. When translating this into gallons, water costs approximately $9.60 per gallon on average when consumed in bottled water form. In order to see just how costly this is, imagine if gas prices were that high!

According to some estimates, 4,787 water bottles could be filled up with tap water for $2.10. If we do the math, assuming that a bottle of water costs even just $1.00, these estimates show we pay 2,279 times what we would if we elected to fill up our water bottles with tap water each time we choose bottled water. That’s a huge difference! So how can we best combat the financial costs of bottled water? Put simply, bottleless water systems get you the most bang for your buck!

How an Optimum Water System Can Reduce the Cost of Your Water

When contemplating ways to reduce the cost of your drinking water for your business, you can save a pretty penny when using a bottleless water system instead of bottled water. Considering the fact that you’re already paying for tap water, it is best to utilize this source for your drinking water, too.

Our Optimum water systems can turn your tap water into purified water, which is the best type of water to drink! While regular tap water that is filtered for drinking usually meets safety standards, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it always is safe. Instead of spending your money time and time again on overpriced bottled water, use a bottleless water system that purifies your tap water for consumption. Our bottleless water systems take regular tap water through a 5-stage process, including reverse osmosis and a remineralization stage.

When taking the true financial costs of bottled water into consideration, it’s easy to see how a purified water system can make a difference in how much you’re paying. Unfortunately, there are even more ways that your bottled water is costing you (and everyone else).

The Environmental Cost of Bottled Water

Each time we use bottled water as opposed to a less costly method such as a bottleless water system, the environment pays for it. Single-use water bottles are one of the largest contributors to plastic pollution by far. While this statement may trigger the thought of the wildlife affected by plastic pollution (one million seabirds and 100,000 fish, sea mammals, and turtles each year), there are more factors at play here.

Although 100% of plastic water bottles are recyclable, it is estimated that a mere 20% of water bottles are recycled, with the country’s landfills full of nearly 2 million tons of discarded plastic water bottles. This is a staggering statistic considering the fact that virtually none of this plastic is biodegradable and instead is left to pile up for decades upon decades. So what is the best way to reduce the environmental costs of bottled water?

How an Optimum Water System Reduces the Cost to the Environment

The least expensive answer to the cost on the environment caused by bottled water is to utilize the tap water we use each day. Installing an Optimum water system in your business is the best way to turn your tap water into clean and purified drinking water available anytime.

Our Optimum water systems are eco-friendly, easy to maintain, and cost-effective. At Optimum, we design each of our water cooler systems with a positive impact on the environment in mind. If you’d like to see just how much money and negative environmental impact you can save by using one of our water systems, try one FREE for seven days!

Take a look at our systems to find one that works best for you and test out your chosen system for a week with absolutely no obligation to purchase. We care about keeping as much money in your pocket as possible and, of course, the positive impact we can have on the environment with our bottleless water systems. With Optimum, you’ll no longer have to pay the true cost of bottled water! Clearly. Pure. Water.