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Habits are Choices

Americans are faced with so many choices, every single day. In this age of information, it is increasingly difficult to determine which choices and habits should be prioritized. Which habits are healthy, anyways? Optimum provides us with a clear pure choice and provides us with our first healthy habit.

Choosing Healthy Habits

If Americans prioritize their choices, starting with water, they might notice how the benefits and positive effects of other healthy habits would become magnified. That is, just from drinking more water, people often see improvements in their general health, mood, and abilities, (just to name a few!) Studies have shown that the healthy habit of drinking purified water jumpstarts the development or maintenance of other healthy habits. Here are five examples:

5 Healthy Habits, that Spring from Water

  • According to various studies, people who drink more water also exercise more. Not surprisingly, water consumption helps to optimize exercise performance and joint health, which are just two added benefits of prioritizing the first healthy habit.
  • Weight Watchers suggest that people who drink more water eat less fast food. That is right! Healthy habits beget other healthy habits, which can also help with saving money; skip the drive-thru fast food, and grab another helping of water.
  • On average, people who drink more water also consume more fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain a substantial amount of water as well as healthy fiber, which according to the Mayo Clinic, helps with digestion, and regulate bowels, which subsequently reduces belly aches and bloating.
  • In addition, according to a study performed by the NIH, people who drink water before meals eat 75 fewer calories at each meal, which means that water consumption can help to manage weight loss or weight maintenance.
  • People who drink more water likely have improved concentration, energy levels, and moods; according to the Journal of Nutrition, there is a relationship between hydration and overall brain functioning. A huge plus of prioritizing water!

Spring Into Healthy Habits Without Bottles

In an effort to drink more water, many Americans opt for bottled water; however, too many negative effects result from this particular choice. That is, the form in which you consume water is an important choice, not only for health reasons but also for financial and environmental reasons. Healthy habits produce more positive effects and help people to develop and sustain more healthy habits in one’s life, as opposed to introducing new negatives. If you are interested in learning more about avoiding financial & environmental costs associated with drinking bottled beverages, continue reading.

Why Optimum?

  • Its 5-stage filtration system removes all impurities, chemicals, toxins, and dirt; it is purely clean, which cannot be said about tap water, or most bottled beverages.
  • Its personalized customer service tailors to your business; where else do you get assistance with your choices when it comes to staying hydrated?
  • It is even more convenient than other choices on the market. Buying 5-gallon jugs, or water bottles in bulk, can strain your back, take up lots of space in transport or storage, and tends to create a lot of waste.
  • So many other healthy habits spring from Optimum’s purified water and ice!

Prioritize Healthy Habits

Spring into other healthy habits, starting with Optimum. To get started, select a bottleless water cooler that works for you then call us today or fill out the form below. Clearly. Pure. Water.