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Optimum is Optimistic!

Did you know that there is an actual Optimist Day? Since 1909, the first Thursday in February has been designated as #OptimistDay. Here at Optimum, we are optimistic about the positive effect we will have on the environment by simply providing a solution to reduce the use of plastic, and your business’s carbon footprint. 

How you may ask?

In just nine years, 23,750,000 plastic bottles have been avoided by our customers who have ditched the plastic bottles and used one of our Optimum purified water coolers. With every cooler, and every office that makes the switch, we are saving thousands of plastic bottles from littering the environment.

As stated by, “Americans purchase about 50 billion water bottles per year, averaging about 13 bottles per month for every person in the U.S.! That means by using a reusable water bottle, you could save an average of 156 plastic bottles annually.” Let’s be proactive about changing that behavior and start reducing those pesky water bottles at work. 

According to the EPA, Only 8.4% of plastic in the United States was recycled in 2018 and 18.5% ended up in landfills. So where did the rest go? Unfortunately, it’s tossed into oceans, rivers, and even out the window on the side of the road. The bigger problem is that these single-use plastic bottles take hundreds, even thousands of years to decompose. It feels like a lot, clean water, clean environment, how can we optimistically clean up everything that seems to be not going in the right direction?

The Solution 

Oftentimes, the best solution is the easiest one. One of the easiest steps moving forward is to simply reduce or eliminate your plastic water bottle usage. So, instead of getting those heavy 5-gallon jugs delivered or running to a store to get cases of plastic-wrapped single-use bottles, you could use the water you are already paying for and add an Optimum purified water cooler. Will it solve everything, probably not. But it is at least a step in the right direction!  

Clearly. Pure. Water.