Why Schools Are Using Water Cooler Dispensers

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Why Schools Are Using Water Cooler Dispensers How do water cooler dispensers help to reduce plastic waste, and why do we care? For starters, plastic waste has become a global environmental and human health concern, prompting many counties to introduce school-wide efforts to have children play an active role in reducing plastic waste. Education and […]

Hospitals Are Going Plastic-Free

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Why Hospitals Are Going Plastic-Free with Water Filtration Systems The U.S. healthcare industry is generally assumed to promote health and wellness, and to a large degree that is made possible by health-minded initiatives, like the Plastic-Free July campaign and innovative technology, like water filtration systems. This article will look at the ways in which hospitals […]

5 Ways to Ditch Plastic At Work for Plastic-Free July

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5 Ways to Ditch Plastic At Work for Plastic-Free July It is Plastic-Free July and businesses worldwide are exploring simple but innovative ways to get involved. This article addresses five effective ways to get involved, by making use of an office water cooler in the workplace. Ditch 5-gallon water jugs in the office. They’re made […]

All About Plastic Free July

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All About Plastic Free July Every July 4th we Americans are prompted to think about Freedom. However, did you know that July is also celebrated across the globe as Plastic-Free July? This article is all about the campaign, and how your business and your water dispenser can help you to gain freedom from plastic. History […]