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Why Schools Are Using Water Cooler Dispensers

How do water cooler dispensers help to reduce plastic waste, and why do we care? For starters, plastic waste has become a global environmental and human health concern, prompting many counties to introduce school-wide efforts to have children play an active role in reducing plastic waste. Education and awareness campaigns as well as improved infrastructure has helped to create a positive impact. Most significantly, water cooler dispensers help schools across the East Coast and beyond to promote sustainability and to reduce plastic waste. Here’s how:

Water Cooler Dispensers Are Sustainable Alternatives to Plastic Water Bottles

To reduce plastic waste, schools have started to replace single-use plastic water bottles with reusable options. Installing water cooler dispensers, or reverse-osmosis water coolers, encourage the use of refillable bottles as an excellent alternative to plastic bottles. Not only does this significantly reduce plastic waste, but it also promotes the use of tap water, which is a more sustainable option than bottled water. By investing in water cooler dispensers, schools are encouraging students and staff to adopt reusable bottles, reducing their reliance on single-use plastics.

Education and Awareness Campaigns Promote the Use of Water Cooler Dispensers in Schools

Educating students about the environmental impact of plastic waste is crucial to encourage their sustainable choices. Schools on the East Coast are now organizing awareness campaigns that highlight the importance of reducing plastic waste, with a specific focus on the role of water cooler dispensers. For instance, in Hanover NC, schools have installed several water cooler dispensers in hopes of providing tap water that is devoid of toxins to students and teachers alike.

Empowering the Next Generation

Interactive presentations, workshops, and guest speakers have helped to educate students about the benefits of using water cooler dispensers as well as the detrimental effects of single-use plastic bottles. This education continues to empower students to become environmentally conscious individuals and inspires many people to create change, much like Liz, a young school girl who inspired her whole school to refuse single-use plastics. Read more about her inspiring story here

Infrastructure and Maintenance is Easy with Water Cooler Dispensers

Proper infrastructure and maintenance are essential to ensure the successful integration of water cooler dispensers in schools. Installing them is as simple as connecting to the tap, and regular maintenance (including cleaning and filter replacement) ensures that the dispensers provide safe and clean drinking water to all users. The good news? Schools need not establish teams for installing or maintaining the dispensers, as they’re serviced by companies, like Optimum Water Solutions. By investing in high-quality dispensers, available exclusively through Optimum, schools can ensure the longevity and effectiveness of this sustainable solution, without hassle. 

The Long-Lasting Impact

Year-round efforts in schools to reduce plastic waste using water cooler dispensers are a significant step towards a more sustainable future. By implementing sustainable alternatives, organizing education campaigns, and ensuring proper infrastructure and maintenance by using Optimum Water Cooler dispensers, schools can create a lasting impact. Reducing plastic waste in schools not only benefits the environment but also empowers students to become responsible global citizens. Together, we can make a difference in protecting our planet for future generations, and we can ensure the next generation enjoys only the best water. Clearly. Pure. Water.