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Which  Refillable Water Bottle Are You?

Using a refillable or reusable water bottle as opposed to a disposable (plastic) water bottle has many benefits: it will help you to save money, it will help you stay hydrated and it will reduce your carbon footprint. Nevertheless, the most exciting benefit of using a refillable water bottle is that it represents you. Whichever bottle you bring to your lips every day will say something about your personality, your values, and your daily needs. Knowing that you and your water bottle will go everywhere together – to countless meals, meetings, gym dates, and car rides – it is important to consider your representation. So which water bottle are you?

What’s the best water bottle for you?

While you can take a 4-question personality test to walk you through different driving forces in selecting the right bottle for you, according to NBC News, the best refillable water bottles in 2023 are Yeti, Hydro Flask, Takeya, Simple Modern, and Thermoflask. According to a recent in-house study at NBC, these refillable water bottles were selected on the basis of their preferred product materials (stainless steel, as opposed to plastic), their lid types (non-spill), their dishwasher-friendliness, and ultimately on the length of time the liquid beverage stays hot or cold. Of course, there may be other factors to consider like weight, size/width, breakability, dentability, adverse smells, or effects on tastes and affordability.

Not All Water Bottles Are Created Equal

Durability, or quality, and lifespan of refillable water bottles are important to consider. While some individuals know too well that water bottles can be easily lost, you want to ensure that you make a sensible choice, weighing different factors. Know yourself, and your needs. Are you the kind of person who generally chooses quality over quantity, or do you prefer having a variety of inexpensive reusable water bottles on your shelf? You may think of your wardrobe by analogy; if you have an expansive wardrobe, and a variety of clothes for endless occasions and moods, you may be the kind of person who wants to select from a range of water bottle options, each and every day. It goes without saying that whichever water bottle you select, that day, will say something about you.

Personalize Your Bottles

There are also a variety of options to personalize your water bottle. If color choice is not enough, companies like Vistaprint offer Monogramming services to include your name or company logo on your water bottles. Similarly, a variety of engraving services make possible the insertion of quotes, or passages that keep you motivated. Last but not least, we all know that a picture says one thousand words, so why not include a photo on your water bottle? You can purchase an insulated water bottle with your choice of an embedded photo, using a service like Snapfish, or you can add one to your favorite water bottle, after purchase, with a few simple steps.

Environmental Friendly Water Bottles

According to a 2021 study published in the Journal Nature Sustainability, plastic bottles are the second most common type of plastic found in ocean pollution, second only to single-use plastic bags. What’s worse? Plastic can take thousands of years to decompose! In short, plastic bottles may linger in oceans for many more years. To learn more about six other insane facts about plastic pollution, read here. The good news? Using a refillable water bottle (or many of them) will help you do your part in reducing plastic waste.

Help Reduce Plastic Waste

You have done away with disposable plastic water bottles and plastic bags; check that off of your to-do list. However, if you are still looking for other ways to help reduce plastic waste, you should read more about using bottleless water systems in the workplace. Bottleless water systems not only enhance the taste of water, and help to keep water free of water contaminants, but they keep you from having to purchase disposable plastic water bottles, and 5-gal jugs forever more. 

In fact, companies like Optimum Water Solutions allow you to fill your personalized water bottles with the cleanest of drinking water, and in some cases, refreshing ice cubes. Select the right bottleless water cooler to refill your personalized reusable water bottle here. It is just one more way to add personality to your cup! Clearly. Pure. Water.