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National Drinking Water Week and Why It Matters for Businesses

This week is all about celebrating our most essential and refreshing resource: water. National Drinking Water Week is an annual occasion to recognize the importance of quality drinking water in our lives and to promote responsible water use and conservation.

National Drinking Water Week is an annual event that takes place in the first full week of May each year. Over the past 40 years, the American Water Works Association has used Drinking Water Week as a unique opportunity to highlight the importance of clean and safe drinking water. This week they try to encourage businesses and individuals to conserve, protect and appreciate this vital resource.

Why should businesses care about National Drinking Water Week?

Providing clean and safe drinking water is essential to fostering a healthy work environment and ensuring that employees have access to the resources they need to be productive and healthy.

Here are three reasons why you should provide quality drinking water to your employees:

  1. Promotes Health and Well-being.

According to Medical research, published by Harvard Health, there are many health benefits of drinking water throughout the day while you are working. Staying hydrated throughout the day can help improve cognitive abilities, digestion, and immune system functionality. By making sure employees have access to clean, safe drinking water, employers can help keep their staff healthy and performing at their best.

  1. Prevent symptoms of fatigue and tiredness.

Dehydration can lead to fatigue, low energy, and decreased mental performance. “When we’re not sufficiently hydrated, it hampers the flow of nutrients into our cells and clogs waste from flushing out,” states Forbes Health. By providing access to quality drinking water, employees will be more alert and productive, leading to an overall more efficient and successful work environment.

  1. Reduces risk of illness and number of sick days.

Staying properly hydrated can also help fight off illnesses and boost your immune system. With fewer illnesses being spread around the office, naturally, you will decrease the number of sick days taken by employees. With fewer employees out sick, there will be less of an impact on productivity and overall company success.

How can you as the employer benefit from National Drinking Water Week?

The solution is clear: provide your employees with quality drinking water to ensure they maintain optimal health and hydration. Optimum offers water coolers that not only provide water on demand but also have a purification system that removes impurities like chemicals, toxins, and dirt, providing purely clean and delicious water that your employees will appreciate. Clearly.Pure.Water.