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In today’s eco-conscious era, businesses and consumers are seeking innovative solutions to reduce their environmental impact while improving cost efficiency. One groundbreaking solution is the adoption of bottleless water machines in workplaces.


Opting For Water Machines

According to the United Nations Environmental Programme, one million plastic bottles are purchased worldwide every minute and we, the people, are paying a hefty price for it! In this article, we examine the economics of plastic bottles versus water machines. Specifically, we compare costs related to the production, transportation, disposal, maintenance, and replacement of bottles or jugs as compared to the smarter alternative: water machines. 


The Tragic Rise of Plastic Bottles

According to a recent report by DigDeep, cited by a Boston University report on sustainability, the average American spends $1350.00 per year on disposable water bottles. Due to inflation, among other factors, this number is likely to rise; according to one business magazine source, plastic water bottle prices have witnessed an 11% hike in just one year in certain regions of the world. 


5-Gallon Jugs Versus Water Machines

In Florida and elsewhere across the East, it is not uncommon to see 5-gallon jugs lining the exterior of buildings or filling storage rooms. Beyond citing health risks associated with stagnant, warm water, this collection of 5-gallon jugs is simply not cost-effective, especially for a midsize company or larger. Despite this reality, business consultants report an expected 4.1% increase in global sales of 5-gallon water bottles and plastics from the year 2022 to 2028, thereby reaching an anticipated value of USD 9.22 billion by 2028. The result? Thirsty consumers and workers are paying the price for the convenience and abundance of disposable plastic bottles, whether in 5-gallon jugs or 12-ounce form. Perhaps people are unaware of the advantages brought on by water machines. Here are just a few:


1. The Sustainable Office Solution

The elimination of plastic bottles significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with water consumption in the workplace or any institution. By opting for a bottleless system, companies can contribute to a greener planet while saving money that would otherwise be spent on purchasing, transporting, storing, and disposing of plastic bottles.


2. Water Machines Produce Unlimited Purified Water

Imagine a workplace where employees have access to unlimited purified water without the inconvenience of running out or the need for frequent restocking. Bottleless water machines provide a continuous supply of clean and refreshing water, promoting a healthier and more productive workforce.


3. Financial Benefits of Water Machines

While the initial investment in a bottleless water machine may seem higher than traditional alternatives, the long-term savings outweigh the costs. Water machines are indeed: 


More Economical Than Bottled Water


How? Companies can experience a substantial reduction in expenses related to purchasing bottled water, storage, and the logistical challenges associated with regular deliveries. In addition, avoiding plastic 5-gallon jugs avoids hidden costs to the environment!


4. Convenience and Employee Satisfaction:

Employees appreciate the convenience of having purified water readily available without the need to handle and dispose of plastic bottles or jugs; furthermore, clients appreciate the gesture even more. Some companies use water machines to show to their customers their valuation for the environment, your health, and the importance of savings. This not only contributes to a more sustainable workplace but also enhances employee or client satisfaction and general well-being.


5. Maintenance and Efficiency:

Bottleless water machines are designed to keep water purified, running through reverse osmosis filtration. Forget the need to consume stagnant, microplastic-rich, and potentially bacteria-infested waters ever present in 5-gallon jugs or single-use plastic bottles. Translating to additional cost-savings in the long run, some companies offer routine maintenance plans as part of any water machine lease agreement, lending to hassle-free efficiency!


6. Aligning with Corporate Social Responsibility:

Adopting eco-friendly practices reflects positively on a company’s image. Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability through bottleless, plastic-free water machines aligns with corporate social responsibility, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers and potential clients. 


In conclusion, the economics of water machines have evolved, and the adoption of bottleless, plastic-free water machines in the workplace offers a compelling case for institutions seeking both financial savings and environmental responsibility. By making this innovative shift, companies can create a workplace that not only benefits their bottom line but also contributes to a healthier planet for generations to come. Call upon a company that shares your commitments, Optimum Water Solutions, with Quality Products, Family-Like Service. Clearly. Pure. Water.