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Hassle-Free Water Dispenser

A hassle-free water dispenser could be a game-changer in your office building or workplace. Imagine having access to clean, refreshing water without the hassle of heavy blue water jugs, complicated setup processes, or worries about maintenance and cleanliness. Read on to learn about the characteristics of a hassle-free water dispenser, and to preview some of the best innovative solutions on the market.

Characteristics of A Hassle-Free Water Dispenser

  1. No Heavy Blue Water Jugs: say goodbye to the cumbersome task of lugging heavy blue water jugs from storage! A hassle-free water dispenser eliminates the need for these plastic containers, providing a continuous flow of purified water directly into your glass. So convenient, and not to mention, more eco-friendly!
  2. Bottleless Design: a hassle-free water dispenser connects directly to a water source and filters the water with an enclosed multi-stage filtration process that provides unlimited drinking water.
  3. No “self-help” videos are required for installation: gone are the days of frustrating DIY installations and endless online tutorials, like this one troubleshooting video. Hassle-free water dispensers are installed by professionals who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to make installation fast and “easy peasy lemon squeezy” as described by Optimum Water Solutions’ installation video. No need to be intimidated by innovative technology!
  4. Optimum Water quality and taste: to ensure that you provide your coworkers, clients, or patients with the best water quality, use the latest, most advanced technologies. Be sure to select a water dispenser that utilizes a 4-5 step purification process, including reverse osmosis, which is known worldwide to be the best way to purify drinking water. In addition, select a water dispenser that stores purified water in stainless steel holding tanks that are also treated with advanced processes like activated oxygen or LED UV, to ensure the water stays free of any bacteria or viruses.
  5. Professional maintenance and servicing are included

In the same way, a vehicle varies on service needed, and so does a water dispenser; maintaining a vehicle requires a professional technician, as does maintaining advanced water dispenser technologies. Maintaining, servicing, and troubleshooting reverse osmosis water dispenser systems can be intimidating for any layperson, no matter how many instructional videos you might source. Some companies take great pride in their products while standing behind their products and services. Optimum Water Solutions has a preventative maintenance program unlike any other. Typically, the water dispensers only require preventative maintenance on an annual basis. Most times, technicians are out for service before any services are needed; nevertheless, if a service light ever comes on, it is as easy as calling the number on the side of your machine to get a technician on site.

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How Does A Preventative Maintenance Program Work?

Some water dispenser systems are so advanced, that only professionals know exactly what is required to best service a machine, and when they might need filters replaced. Proactive service-based companies like Optimum Water Solutions will schedule service and change filters before a customer makes a service request. As such, a preventative maintenance program allows for uninterrupted, continuous service for the lifetime of your water dispenser. It also gives you one less thing to worry about! This feature is the prime jewel of Optimum, which values quality products with family-like service.

Businesses that Prioritize Customer Service

Businesses that prioritize their customers produce results. With companies like Optimum Water Solutions, your business is sure to receive a customer satisfaction guarantee from the start. You will even speak to a human when you call our customer success line.  So few companies can or do guarantee such personalized service. Contact Optimum Water Solutions today and get your hassle-free water dispenser installed today. Clearly. Pure. Water.