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The Best Type of Water to Drink (It’s Ours!)

Drinking enough water throughout the day is absolutely essential for your health. It helps every tissue, every cell, and every system function at its best. This is why the quality of water you drink matters. Yet, most still believe that all water is equal. Let’s compare tap, distilled, and purified water to see which is best for your health.

Hint: it’s the water from our systems!

Tap Water

Regular tap water filtered for drinking is usually safe thanks to the standards set by cities. But that doesn’t mean it’s best. As we saw in Flint, Michigan, and in cities all over the U.S., tap water can easily become contaminated. Because of this, it is best to invest in the water you can feel confident drinking. Even in America, where contamination isn’t widespread, it is safest to drink distilled or purified water.

Distilled Water

Distilled water is a form of purified water that goes through a distillation process to remove protozoa, chemicals, heavy metals, viruses, and more. It is one of the purest forms of water you can find which makes it a common go-to for medical practices. But just because it’s purer, doesn’t mean it’s best – especially as drinking water.

Purified Water

Purified water is tap water, free of all of its impurities, chemicals, bacteria, fungi, parasites, metals, and contaminants. Many states have guidelines for the purification of their drinking water, but as we have heard numerous times, even in America our drinking water isn’t always the best.

Installing your own reverse osmosis, or purchasing a separate bottleless water cooler can help you find peace of mind in the safety of your drinking water.

What is the Healthiest Way to Drink Water?

Drinking clean, pure water is absolutely necessary for your well-being. But with all the options on the market, knowing which kind to drink can be a challenge.

Let us take the guessing out of it for you. Optimum’s bottleless water and ice systems take regular tap water through a 5-stage process including reverse osmosis and a remineralization stage. Bringing you purified water at your fingertips.

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