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March 22nd is World Water Day

It’s estimated that nearly 1 in 9 people, roughly 783 million, don’t have access to clean drinking water sources. Based on the current global climate and man’s impact on natural resources, it’s likely that nearly two-thirds of the world will live in water-stressed areas by 2025. That’s why the United Nations, alongside UNESCO, the World Water Council, and the WWF, have all come together to recognize March 22nd as World Water Day. At Optimum, we take water sanitation very seriously and also recognize the importance of such a day as World Water Day and are doing our best to help educate people on the health benefits of clean water.

Water’s Impact on the Climate

According to the website for World Water Day, extreme weather events are making fresh water sources scarce, including fires, droughts, and rain pollution. Humanity and all living things need water to survive, as do all of the systems we rely on, such as sanitation, healthcare, industry, business, and education.

Without water, farmers can’t grow enough crops to feed the growing global population, animals die of thirst, and the atmosphere lacks the necessary moisture to prevent UV rays from penetrating through and increasing temperatures around the world. This rise in global temperatures causes polar ice caps to melt, sea levels to rise, and cold-climate animals to lose their habitats.

Water’s Impact on the Economy

Not only does the lack of water resources affect the climate, but it also affects the global economy. According to the World Health Organization, nearly $260 billion is lost each year due to the lack of adequate water sanitation and supply. That’s astonishing considering every $1 that’s invested in water yields a $4 economic return, giving businesses an incentive to invest in water-saving solutions.

How You Can Be Part of the Solution

If you’re looking for a way to be part of the solution, it starts with your investment in charities and funds that support the billions of people living in water-scarce communities. Roughly two times the United States population is living without easy access to clean drinking water. Your support of these charities and World Water Day can change the lives and economic status of those impacted by the lack of natural resources. You can also show support for your local business by committing to less water waste and by using sanitary resources such as a water filtration system.

Optimum Water Solutions

Going bottleless in your business takes dedication and commitment. It also takes the proper filtration and water system to keep your employees motivated to use their reusable personal water bottles. At Optimum, we understand that having pure, clean drinking water is essential. Every day is World Water Day for us, and we know that filtration systems are more economical than bottled water. To find out about our different systems, contact us today by calling 844-776-0588. You can also request a free trial online. Clearly. Pure. Water.