Workplace Resolutions for the New Year

Is Your New Year’s Resolution to drink more purified water? As we step into the New Year, many of us are setting resolutions to improve various aspects of our lives. In the workplace, common resolutions include boosting productivity, maintaining better health, and fostering a positive work environment. In 2024, increased hydration is a common yet impactful resolution in the workplace, as it pertains to enhanced health and productivity, combined. This article will explore how purified water is the best choice to achieve this workplace resolution in the New Year. 


Popular New Year’s Workplace Resolutions for 2023

Remarkably, increased water intake ranks among the top New Year’s resolutions in 2023-2024, which underscores its importance in the pursuit of professional success and personal well-being. 


A recent poll conducted by Vitamin Shoppe reported that 35% of individuals prioritize adopting healthier habits while 45% of people aim for enhanced productivity in the coming year. Increased hydration is not only popular in the workplace, with 55% of respondents committed to it, but is an easy goal to achieve. A workplace with a bottleless water cooler can tap into the unlimited potential of purified water for its employees, around the clock. Read on to learn some other practical tips for achieving this resolution, beyond integrating a hassle-free water dispenser. 


The Importance of Purified Water for Workplace Productivity

Research consistently shows a positive correlation between water intake and enhanced cognitive function. While dehydration can lead to fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and increased perception of task difficulty, increased consumption of purified water unlocks the key to productivity in the workplace. 


By choosing purified water over alternative sources of hydration, health and productivity are indeed achievable. Tap water, and bottled water, on the other hand, could even compromise your health. While many know of the potential hidden harms in tap water, the NIH reported that bottled water has been shown to contain toxic and carcinogenic elements. To ensure that you’re not ingesting potentially harmful elements like hard metals, bacteria, or viral strains, which could compromise your health, purified water, using Reverse Osmosis technology, is 99% effective at eliminating such harms, among other harms. 


Purified Water Has A Positive Impact on Mental Health and Mood

It’s not just about the body; hydration is crucial in influencing mood and mental health. Dehydration has been linked to increased feelings of anxiety and irritability as well as decreased cognitive function. By maintaining optimal hydration levels, one is more likely to experience a positive and focused mindset, contributing to a harmonious work atmosphere. In fact, according to CNET, increased water intake can promote happiness, allowing your brain to continue making serotonin, which is a natural chemical that keeps us happy, emotionally level, and stable. 


Supporting mental health and well-being is of great importance to the workplace for obvious reasons; because water intake has a direct impact on cognitive function, focus, concentration, and overall productivity, incorporating purified water into your daily work routine can be a game-changer for achieving this important New Year’s resolution. Just be sure it is purified water to achieve the best results

An image displaying a productive office environment, where employees are engaged in positive conversations around the Optimum i12 water cooler. The employees are seen drinking purified water, symbolizing the beneficial impact of clean hydration on workplace productivity and interaction.

Practical Tips to Help Reach Your Hydration Goals

  1. Easy ways to incorporate more purified water into your daily routines include:
      • Setting reminders to drink more regularly throughout the day.
      • Using tracking methods or apps to log your intake of purified water.
      • Creating workplace hydration challenges or goals; make a game of it.
  2. Improve the taste of your water to help you drink more!
  3. Do away with bottled water and tap water, and stick to purified water only.
      • Install an advanced water cooler that taps into the unlimited potential of purified water, using innovative technologies like reverse osmosis; you will no longer depend on plastic jugs or disposable bottles.
      • Say goodbye to harmful toxins in your tap water or bottled water, and make reusable cups and hydration more trendy and accessible in the workplace in their place.


In conclusion, as you embark on your New Year’s resolutions, take notice of the transformative power of purified water in the workplace. Elevate your cognitive performance, foster a positive mood, and embrace a healthier, more productive you by making hydration a priority in the year ahead. Whether increased water intake means that you opt for its sparkling form, or with sliced fruit, just make sure it is purified water. Contact Optimum Water Solutions to get started on the right foot in 2024. Clearly. Pure. Water. 


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