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Water in the Beauty Business

What might you imagine to be offered upon entering the doors of a high-end salon or spa: a hot face cloth? Scented hand sanitizer? How about some pure, clean, refreshing water from a high-end water dispenser? If you own or work in a salon, spa, or massage parlor- chances are you’ve given this some thought.

Pure Clean Water for a Spa-Like Environment

We all know that water has a magically calming effect. Accordingly, the Huffington Post reports that water has the ability to bring you to a calmer, more meditative state (and even slow down your brain waves). Handing clients a glass of water upon entering the doors to your salon or spa can harness the power of water in order to produce a more relaxing environment. While it is a simple gesture, it exudes an air of luxury, especially when produced by a high-end water dispenser

Staying Hydrated Promotes Physical Beauty

Of course, it makes sense that businesses centered around health, beauty, and relaxation should offer their clients the purest, cleanest waters available; after all, pure beauty and pure water go hand in hand! Research has shown there to be many benefits of hydration
to the body, including but not limited to preventing skin disorders and premature wrinkling, and encouraging healthy hair growth.

One might see how beauty might be enhanced, if not produced by maintaining younger-looking skin, healthier smiles, and voluminous hair. The high value of physical beauty, relaxation, and luxury may be quickly and easily demonstrated by using a high-end water dispenser in your salon or spa. Only the purest, best water should be offered for the best results.

High-End Water Dispensers Produce the Purest Cleanest Waters

Let’s face it. Tap water doesn’t cut it for many of us, nor do clunky water jugs or stored-away water pitchers. This is especially the case in the business of beauty, where the total experience matters. To offer guests and clients the best experience, high-end water dispensers are preferable to any alternative out there.

For starters, they use multistage filtration and reverse osmosis technology to ensure the cleanest water around, devoid of unwanted toxins and chemicals. In addition, high-end water dispensers make access to fresh delicious water (and ice, or sparkling water if preferred) as simple as turning on the faucet. That is because high-end water dispensers are connected directly to the water line. Watch this video and then call a Sales Rep so that you can get your Optimum Water Solutions today, producing: Clearly. Pure. Water.