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The Unexpected Benefits Of Office Water Coolers

If your office values healthy lifestyles, the environment, and its employees, then an office water cooler could be a great token of appreciation this Labor Day. Office water coolers have several unexpected benefits for our laborers. Beyond providing means for proper hydration, office water coolers promote positivity, help with hangovers, and encourage eco-friendly habits.

Fighting Labor Day Blues with Office Water Coolers

You might ask what Labor Day is all about? Given its name, we might surmise that it is about our dedicated laborers. Since the late 1800s, America has honored its sacrifices to the economy and the American workforce. Nevertheless, Labor Day also marks the end of summer and the start of back-to-school parties, fall picnics, and parades; as such, it lends to increased hangovers, employee delinquency, and fatigue. If you or your colleagues have perhaps indulged a little too much over the holiday or if the end-of-the-summer blues have set in, then going to the office might be the best cure. Here’s why:

Office Water Coolers Promote Focused Positivity

The National Institute of Health NIH published a peer-reviewed study, which showed an increased tendency to stay hydrated when using office water coolers. The subsequent effects of improved hydration in the workplace include improved concentration, cognition, and memory function, as well as improved balance of moods and emotions. This translates into reduced stress, fewer headaches, and minimized fatigue for those employees returning to work after too much partying and too little sleep this Labor Day weekend.

Filtered Water is a Remedy for the After-Effects of Partying

It turns out that rehydrating is also a likely method for improving symptoms of a hangover. According to medical reports provided by the NIH, the “feeling of general misery, headache, tiredness, concentration problems, thirst, dizziness, nausea, cognitive impairment, and mood changes” may be eradicated by staying hydrated. Because an office water cooler provides unlimited, chilled water, it is a sure way to stave these negative symptoms in the workplace. We all know that there’s nothing quite like a cold glass of water when thirsty, especially when the water doesn’t come from the workplace faucet (where food debris and dirty old sponges are kept on display: the last things you want to see or smell when your stomach is turning!)

When Pure Water Isn’t Enough

If filtered water doesn’t do the trick, one might add electrolyte boosters to his or her filtered water. Consuming electrolytes is a far more effective and healthier alternative to either hypnotism or bourbon on the rocks, which are featured methods for tired employees in the Netflix series called Mad Men and the popular movie, Office Space. According to Medical News Today, electrolytes (which are found in rehydration powders and sports drinks by Propel or Gatorade), along with antioxidants, (found in berries, spinach, and varied teas), help to reduce the adverse effects of alcohol consumption. By throwing them into your water glass, you have the hydrating benefits of water and electrolyte replenishment. What’s more is that some office water coolers, like some from Optimum Water Solutions, include a BOOST feature, which automatically adds 20 minerals and electrolytes to the water that runs from your tap. Staying hydrated couldn’t be much easier than that!

Ditch the Bottle for An Office Water Cooler!

While water is arguably healthier than alcohol, research has shown that bottled water has a plethora of health risks, not to mention environmental risks. Consider ditching “the bottle,” altogether, whether single-serving or in 5-gallon form, and you can help save the environment and oceans from tons of plastic waste. Join all the other companies who have already opted to keep chilled water freely flowing from office water coolers, and start turning your office “green.” Contact Optimum Water Solutions to gain access to the best remedy for the workplace blues around. Clearly. Pure. Water.