Meet the Team

Optimum is about more than just clearly pure water. It’s about taking care of our employees and customers. Barry, our Founder, had the vision to reinvent the current drinking water experience. He achieved his vision by establishing a customer-first experience. We empower our staff by implementing continuous improvements through hands-on training and support. In return, our staff empowers your business, school or hospital with the best hydration experience available today. 

Barry Snyder

CEO, Founder

Zachary Snyder




Water Boy

Charlie hails from California and is a third-generation water warrior. He manages Optimum West Coast, and may be the first manager to tell new Reps to get in line. Charlie enjoys spending time with his friends at various playgrounds and sandboxes in Sunny LA.


Crystal Haycock

Vice President of
Operations & Controller

Crystal has over 19 years of experience in the point-of-use drinking water industry. She leads the team that supplies customer service and provides the best drinking water products to all businesses.

Paul Karrat

Vice President of

For 13 years Paul has been an advocate for purified water. He believes pure water is the key to health, wellness, and slowing the aging process.


George Baum

Vice President of
Installation & Service

George possesses over 20 years in the point-of-use drinking water industry. As VP of Service, he believes in providing an excellent customer experience, and service with a smile.

Jon Weinberg

Vice President
Miami, FL 

Jon has a background in home improvement, technology, and marketing. We don’t call him the Swiss Army Knife for nothing.


Jodi Usina

Sales Manager
North & Central Florida

Being Optimum’s first sales rep in 2014, Jodi has spent most of her career in the drinking water & ice industry. She completed her MBA in 2020 and understands the importance of managing costs while improving hydration  in the work place.

Hillary Berg

Sales Manager
Tampa, Florida

Hillary has spent several years in the sales and branding world in various industries she entered the water industry to provide cleaner and cost-effective drinking water.

Dusty Baker

Sales Manager
Raleigh, North Carolina

Dusty, born & raised near Savannah, GA, graduated from ECU while competing as a baseball student-athlete. He was drawn to Optimum’s tight-knit family culture, and desire to help transition the country to become a ‘bottle-less nation’.


Trey Walsh

Sales Manager
North & South Carolina

After spending 20 years in the marketing and advertising industry, Trey transitioned into a successful account management role and manages an extensive list of customers in the Southeast.


Spencer Coleman

Atlanta Regional Sales Manager

Spencer graduated from Edward Waters University on a baseball scholarship. He is excited to be a part of Optimum Water Solutions and to help provide clean, purified water and ice to his community.

George Karrat

Regional Sales Manager Birmingham and Chattanooga

George has over 20 years of experience in consulting customers on the best solutions for their business. George loves that he gets to bring the world’s best water and ice to Tennessee.


Amanda Moorehead

Regional Sales Manager
South Florida

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Coastal Carolina University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. That means she went from teaching High School English to educating people on the importance of clean, healthy water!


Abby Weinburg

Sales Support Specialist

Since 2019 Abby has applied her passion to helping businesses find a safer, cleaner, and cost-effective drinking water solution.

Stephanie Moreland


Stephanie, a Jacksonville native, loves that her previous experience in a small business as a controller benefits the most important people at Optimum, the customers. With her expertise, she’s able to reduce costs, while improving the customer experience for Optimum Water Solutions customers.


Ray Conway

Customer Care Manager

Ray began in food service management, and F&B equipment dispensing and service. One thing he is sure of is that customer loyalty is in response to great customer service.

Michael Valasky

National Operations & Service Manager

Michael oversees customer care, product development and training, and the overall day-to-day field activity. Including community involvement and environmental sustainability.

Edgar Garcia

Quality Control & Development Manager

Edgar has eighteen yrs+ of experience as a water industry technician. As Optimum’s Quality Control, Training, and Development Manager, he manages recruiting, training, and development. 

Optimum Sales Executives

wdt_IDPictureTeam MemberTitleRegionEmailAbout
5cade-macri-500x-v4-150x150.png?img_width=150&img_height=150Cade MacriAccount ExecutiveFlorida, JacksonvilleCade@drinkoptimum.comAfter graduating from the University of Florida, Cade began his career at Optimum. As an avid fisherman, Cade cares about the environment and loves that Optimum helps eliminate waste, while providing a better hydration solution in the workplace.
8maritza-ochoa-500x-v4-150x150.png?img_width=150&img_height=150Maritza OchoaAccount ExecutiveFlorida, TampaMaritza@drinkoptimum.comMaritza enjoys meeting and learning about her clients while being able to provide them with clean drinking water and ice.
12josh-gauger-500x-v4-150x150.png?img_width=150&img_height=150Josh GaugerAccount ExecutiveFlorida, Ft. MyersJGauger@drinkoptimum.comIndiana native with lots of experience keeping the peace, Josh knows how to ask the right questions to find out exactly what clients need to supply their business with water coolers.
14genie-ivanko-500x-v4-150x150.png?img_width=150&img_height=150Genie EvankoAccount ExecutivePennsylvania, PittsburghGenie@drinkoptimum.comGenie joined the Pittsburgh office as an account executive in late 2022, bringing many years of waterworld experience with her. Genie believes in a customer-first experience and always strives to do the best.
17Clay-Mobley-500x-1-150x150.png?img_width=150&img_height=150Clay MobleyAccount ExecutiveGeorgia, Savannah, & South Carolina, CharlestonClay@drinkoptimum.comClay leads Optimum’s Southeast Georgia and Southwest South Carolina Division from the Savannah office. Clay takes a consultative approach and specializes in warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing.
20heather-smith-500x-v4-150x150.png?img_width=150&img_height=150Heather SmithAccount ExecutiveGeorgia, AtlantaHeather@drinkoptimum.comHeather loves sharing what differentiates Optimum from our competitors; striving to give good quality water, service, and account management.
21logan-parkulo-500x-v4-150x150.png?img_width=150&img_height=150Logan ParkuloAccount ExecutiveWest Virginia, CharlestonLogan@drinkoptimum.comLogan helps provide companies in her home state with clean drinking water for their employees. She loves being able to equip her customers with an environmentally friendly cooler.
31kevin-healey-500x-150x150.png?img_width=150&img_height=150Kevin HealyAccount ExecutiveNorth Carolina, Charlotte, Piedmont TriadKevin@drinkoptimum.comKevin began his career in the point-of-use water industry before a brief hiatus in the CPG startup world and is excited to be back spreading the word about Optimum Water. Kevin loves to learn about new businesses and help provide employees with purified water and ice.
37Nichole-Patrina-500x-150x150.png?img_width=150&img_height=150Nichole PatrinaAccount ExecutivePennsylvania, PittsburghNichole@drinkoptimum.comNichole, a lifelong resident of Pittsburgh, brings her marketing and client-focused experience to the water world. She is passionate about purified water, is never without her Optimum water bottle and serves clients with sensitive and effective service.
40John-Fulton-500x4-2-150x150.png?img_width=150&img_height=150John FultonAccount ExecutiveFlorida, OrlandoJFulton@drinkoptimum.comJohn, originally raised in Clemont, Florida, started his career in Los Angeles. He attended FSU, then graduated from Rollins College. He is a life-long sports fan and is ready to bring the best water dispensers to Orlando with Optimum Water Solutions.
41Chris-Palmer-500x2-2-150x150.png?img_width=150&img_height=150Chris PalmerAccount ExecutiveGeorgia, AtlantaChris@drinkoptimum.comChris is a native to Florida, and brings over 10 years of experience with customer service in the drinking water business. He is passionate about implementing smart solutions for customers who realize the benefits and true worth Optimum Water Solutions provides.
42Stephanie-Edelman-500x2-2-150x150.png?img_width=150&img_height=150Stephanie EdelmanAccount ExecutiveNorth Carolina, RaleighStephanie@drinkoptimum.comStephanie has extensive experience in sales. She is driven by customer success, and takes pride in providing the best products and customer service possible.
43steve-spencer-500x3-2-150x150.png?img_width=150&img_height=150Steve SpencerAccount ExecutiveSouth Carolina, Columbia/LexingtonSSpencer@drinkoptimum.comSteve grew up in the Columbia area and graduated from Clemson University with a BS in Industrial Management. He's a big Clemson Tiger fan, loves a good round of golf and is ready to bringing Optimum solutions to South Carolina, and Augusta, Georgia.
47adam-cole-500x3-2-150x150.png?img_width=150&img_height=150Adam ColeAccount ExecutiveFlorida, Sarasota/BradentonAdam@drinkoptimum.comAdam has lived in the Sarasota, Florida area for 15 years and loves spending time at the beach. He’s been in customer-facing sales for nearly 20 years and prides himself on providing his clients with amazing customer service.
48Chris-Evans-optimum-150x150.pngChris EvansAccount ExecutiveLexington, South  Optimum's very own Captain America, Chris Evans, joined our team in 2024. Chris loves that at Optimum he is able to help employers provide a more sustainable and healthy solution to their respective teams.
49carter-150x150.pngCarter WoodAccount ExecutiveFlorida, JacksonvilleCarter@drinkoptimum.comCarter, a rare Jacksonville native, loves the opportunity at Optimum to bring the world’s best water to the first coast. As a recent graduate from Florida State University, Carter values that he can help companies reduce overhead while increasing morale.
50dominique-150x150.pngDominique KerinsAccount ExecutiveFlorida, JacksonvilleDominique@drinkoptimum.comDominique, a mother of three, loves the opportunity to provide a sustainable solution, helping protect the planet for the next generation. At Optimum she loves educating business owners on better ways to hydrate their teams.
51lance-jaynes-150x150.pngLance JaynesAccount ExecutiveBirmingham ALlance@drinkoptimum.comLance has an extensive background in sales with over 20 years of experience. Lance loves that at Optimum he knows he is making the world a better place by providing a sustainable solution for all your hydration needs.