While Valentine’s Day can be a joyful loving time, celebrating the holiday in the workplace can trigger anxiety, loneliness, and the blues. If you or your colleagues are battling the blues, consider researching office water coolers to help battle the blues together. Different office water coolers have the power to unlock the secrets to your collective well-being – which is a great way to show love this Valentine’s Day!


Office Water Coolers Can Alter Your Workplace Vibe

Did you know that, according to the World Health Organization, an estimated 35% of in-person workers struggle with symptoms of anxiety or depression?  Furthermore, according to the American Psychological Association, 38% of people report increased stress, and subsequent illness, depression, and anxiety during holidays – like Valentine’s Day. So, you might wonder how office water coolers can help to change this reality. Read on to learn about four different ways that your office water cooler can help to battle the Valentine’s Day Blues!


1. Bound to Consume More Water With Office Water Coolers

Research shows that increased water helps to manage depression, including symptoms triggered by seasonal change; in addition, well-improved water intake can soothe anxieties that tend to amp up during holidays like Valentine’s Day.  With an accessible and convenient water cooler, people are apt to stay hydrated while on the go, or at the desk.


2. Help to Promote Healthy Choices At Work

Office water coolers can and should be made accessible to all workforce members. Not only does their mere presence enable increased water intake, but it can serve as the impetus for educating the workforce about other health goals and challenges related to self-care. Boston University provides us with several ideas to show love to oneself for Valentine’s Day, including the performance of a random act of kindness in the office. 


3. Select An Office Water Cooler That Suits Your Needs

Some office water coolers come with heavy baggage and loads of maintenance, while others free the office and workers from unnecessary stressors. To learn more about the important differences between a blue water jug or simple water dispenser, and more innovative office water coolers, Optimum Water Solutions has some answers for you, especially if you can relate to one or more of these problems:

  • the blue bottle juggle and struggle.
  • consistently poor quality service and lack of maintenance oversight.
  • Poor-tasting drinking water that is heavy with chlorine, sulfur, or bacterial contamination.
  • contributing to landfill waste and continued environmental degradation.


4) Embrace Office Water Coolers That Love the Environment and You

Interestingly enough, there is a link between personal well-being and environmental stewardship. By selecting only those office water coolers that help to reduce plastic waste, and those that promote sustainable practices, your office workers can feel good about themselves for being part of a great achievement: saving the earth from 50 billion bottles of waste per year!


Everyone deserves clearly pure water. Hydrate your team for better performance, offer Optimum clear pure water for optimal productivity, and allow your office to enjoy a truly loving gift this Valentine´s Day. Clearly. Pure. Water.