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Experience the new way of water with FloWater, the Ultimate Office Water Dispenser. Rethink archaic approaches to hydration; if you, your students or patients, hotel guests, gym members, or office staff are drinking lukewarm fountain water, bottled water, or water from a blue 5-gallon jug, please beware! Those outdated drinking water options create excessive waste, are often expensive, inconvenient, and are detrimental to our environment. Read on to learn about the unique benefits of the FloWater Cooler. 


4 Reasons Why the FloWater Cooler is the Ultimate Office Water Dispenser

Staying hydrated is vital to our health, but did you know that 75% of people suffer from chronic dehydration? Many workplaces face challenges in providing sufficient drinking water to office employees, workers, and guests, but the FloWater Cooler is an innovative solution to the problem. Here are just 4 reasons why it is the ultimate office water dispenser and the best solution to the problem:

  1. It takes your existing water source and removes 99% of impurities through an advanced 7-step purification process with reverse-osmosis filtration, completely transforming tap water, (which is sometimes gross and sometimes hazardous), into the best-tasting water out there. 
  2. FloWater is an office water dispenser that prioritizes the consumer, featuring virtually zero maintenance, and the best customer service in the industry.
  3. FloWater ends single-use plastic water bottles, by purifying water without any plastic waste, thereby minimizing risks to our environment and our health.
  4. FloWater can serve high-volume drinking water needs in offices with large numbers of employees or high water consumption needs.


What Makes the FloWater Different from Any Other Office Water Dispenser?

FloWater Cooler stands out from traditional office water dispensers, not only because of the above mentioned reasons but also because it has some really unique features. Most significantly, it can dispense 300 gallons per day, offering multiple work shifts purified drinking water without any hassles, and without all the plastic waste. Read about other key differences between a traditional office water dispenser and this innovative solution in the article from Optimum Water Solutions


Who Needs High-Volume Office Water Dispensers?

Many offices face challenges with regards to providing sufficient drinking water for their employees, especially these particular industries or spaces:


Ready To Try the Ultimate Office Water Dispenser?

FloWater provides convenience for the user as well as the provider of hydration solutions! Learn more about the this water coolers by watching the video below.

Consider a tree trial by clicking on the link and filling out the form, according to the instructions provided. Select the Ultimate Office Water Dispenser for your office and experience the refreshing taste of FloWater. Clearly. Pure. Water.