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Fighting the Flu with a Water Dispenser

The flu season can be a challenging time for everyone amidst the coughing, sneezing, and feelings of malaise, but the good news is here: a water dispenser can help you and your coworkers combat the flu, whether you are on the mend or protect yourself from others.

A Water Dispenser is Your Office’s Greatest Weapon to Fight the Flu

A water dispenser is a critical resource in any workplace, as it encourages increased water intake or hydration for all employees. However, one may be left wondering: what is the connection between the flu and a water dispenser? For starters, hydration is not only important for the swiftest full recovery from the flu, but according to the Harvard School of Public Health, it can aid in illness prevention. For some individuals and certain strains of the flu, complete recovery can take weeks, at which point many workers return to work. Prioritize your health with a water dispenser that employs reverse osmosis technology to resist flu-causing bacterial and viral invaders from building up at work.

Use A Water Dispenser To “Drown A Flu”

Remember the old wive’s tale that one ought to; “starve a fever, and stuff a cold?” Perhaps the claim was a bit unscientific, but this piece of advice is not. Plenty of research shows the benefit of increased water intake while recovering from the flu. Proper hydration helps in thinning mucus, keeping your throat moist, and maintaining overall bodily functions.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Use A Water Dispenser!

We all know that after being down with the flu, returning to work is challenging, and so is staying hydrated. Consider making some herbal tea with the hot water function from your workplace water dispenser. That’s right! Many water dispensers can serve up hot and cold purified water, on demand. You may find that a cup of warm herbal tea provides you with the right balance of essential nutrients, hydration, and comfort. If an herbal refreshment is not “your cup of tea,” consider squeezing a lemon into some warm water. The citrus zest is full of vitamin C, which, according to the Mayo Clinic, can be helpful to strengthen your immune system, along with your spirits!

Water Dispensers & Preventative Measures

Investing in a reliable water dispenser connected to a reverse osmosis system ensures that the water you consume is free from contaminants, like bacteria, fungus, or viruses. Purified water from reverse osmosis systems guarantees the highest standard of purity, promoting overall health and aiding in your body’s natural defense against illnesses. In addition, it’s critically important to invest in a water dispenser that uses advanced technologies to help resist flu-causing bacterial and viral invaders from building up in their storage tanks. Watch the video below to learn how some companies, like Optimum Water Solutions, have accomplished this task. 

Promoting Good Health and Habits at Work

Fighting the flu requires a combination of rest, proper nutrition, and, most importantly, staying hydrated. A water dispenser not only makes it convenient to drink water but also serves as a reminder to keep up with your fluid intake. Following flu prevention tips and ensuring you have access to clean, pure water from reverse osmosis systems, like ours, you’re taking proactive steps to protect yourself and your family during the flu season. Clearly. Pure. Water.