Water & Ice Combo Coolers

Introducing Optimum Water and Ice Coolers – the ultimate hydration solution for your office! Our cutting-edge touchless water coolers make accessing fresh, delicious water and ice easier than ever. With multistage filtration and reverse osmosis, you can enjoy the cleanest, purest tasting water AND ice your taste buds have ever experienced.
Optimum WS12000

All-in-One Water & Ice Cooler

Optimum WS15000

All-in-One Water & Ice Cooler Countertop or Freestanding

Product Comparison

Model PW-2i PW-3i PW-90 PW-90CT WS-12000 WS-15000
Cold Water
Hot Water
Room Temp Water
Mineral Boost
Activated Oxygen
Activated Oxygen
Activated Oxygen
Activated Oxygen
Draining Tray
Max Employees 20 50 50 20 50 75